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Scratchin’ Melodii Game Online Play Free

You are Melody, a young and ambitious DJ and musician whose life has changed after you were caught graffiti. Now you need to compose some melodies in order to pay off the debt and defeat your rivals in a real musical battle. In the game, you will fight against various opponents, each of which will visualize the song on the screen in a different way, forcing you to repeat it and keep the rhythm.

You can choose between a tutorial level and several rival battles, as well as a boss battle to complete an RPG-inspired storyline. However, if you prefer a more relaxed approach, you can select songs of your choice in the Quick-Groove mode.

But don’t think that your journey will be easy – you will find complex rhythms, aggressive opponents and bosses that will become stronger and stronger with each level. Get ready for battles that will test your skills in music and rhythm, and remember – only you can save your career and pay your debts!

On this site, all versions and modifications that exist at the moment, including official and fan versions, are presented to your attention:
● Scratchin’ melodii fnf – adding songs and characters from the FNF world;
● Scratchin’ melodii – the first series of musical rhythm games in which the user needs to press buttons in time with the music;
● Scratchin’ melodii gacha club – creating characters from a musical game using the Gacha Club application;
● Scratchin’ Melodii 2023 – continuation of the series, which was released in 2023;
● Scratchin’ melodii demo – demo version available for free use, contains training levels;
● Scratchin’ melodii story mode – game mode, which has a storyline;
● Scratchin’ melodii 2 – the second part, which added new songs and characters;
● Scratchin’ melodii online is a web version that can be played in a browser without downloading.

Feel the real groove and plunge into the exciting world of Scratchin’ Melodii right now – absolutely free, without the need to download or install additional software! Don’t miss the chance to try this unique game that will soon become so popular that everyone will hear about it. Be one of the first players to catch the wave of fascination with this virtual world before it’s overpopulated! Each presented version deserves special attention.



Melodii is a character who oscillates between lightheartedness and seriousness depending on the context. They exhibit a caring nature and typically adopt a neutral stance in conflicts, preferring to assist others when needed. Despite being somewhat perplexed by confrontations and fearful of them, Melodii remains focused on their essential tasks. Their overall demeanor is composed, and they display a pragmatic approach to challenges, as evidenced by their calm reaction to unfavorable outcomes, simply remarking, “Well, I guess that works,” when things don’t go as planned. They were unaware of the illegality of their vandalism until the government took action, indicating a certain naivety about the world.

The Sweetz Siblings

Cinnabay and Biggie Cheesecake, known as The Sweetz Siblings, are characterized by their playful yet disruptive nature. Cinnabay, the more mischievous of the two, enjoys causing trouble and persuading others to join her antics. She exhibits a strong aversion to working for or with the government. Biggie, though quieter, is more action-oriented. Despite his imposing presence, which frightens Melodii, he has a softer side, evident in his fondness for cheesecake bites. Both siblings share a deep history with Melodii, indicating a complex relationship that blends care and rebellion. In the SAGE 2023 demo, their antagonistic traits are softened, revealing a more supportive and understanding side as they assist Melodii in navigating their challenges with the government.


Nami is a figure of tranquility and competitive spirit. Often found relaxing on the beach, she appears detached from others, aided by her unique connection with dolphins. She is driven by a desire for free burgers, which motivates her to seek employment at McWave’s. Her competitive nature is ignited upon encountering Melodii, leading to a DJ Battle. Despite her defeat, Nami maintains her composure, eventually accepting a job at McWave’s recommended by Melodii. Her calm demeanor masks a fierce competitive streak, making her a formidable yet approachable character.


Jamtine is characterized by her anxiety and eagerness to please her crush. Her nervous disposition initially dominates her interactions with Melodii. However, she becomes increasingly excited and dreamy when discussing her romantic aspirations, displaying a whimsical and passionate side. Her behavior illustrates a blend of vulnerability and hopeful romanticism, highlighting her complexity as a character driven by her emotions and aspirations.

Synthz McWave

Synthz McWave epitomizes a laid-back and content demeanor, finding satisfaction in the simple joys of running his burger restaurant. His approach to work is characterized by a sense of freedom and trust, as he allows Melodii to creatively use their keyboard as a makeshift grill in the kitchen. His personality is devoid of any hostility, always maintaining a cheerful disposition and a smile, indicative of his positive approach to life and work.


Rensa, introduced in the SAGE Christmas demo of Scratchin’ Melodii, stands out with her mystical aura and magical prowess. She showcases a striking appearance, with long, curly brown hair and hazel eyes complemented by purple eyeshadow. Her attire includes a purple witch’s hat adorned with a yellow bow, a sleeveless dress with a yellow accent, and lavender stockings, enhancing her enchanting presence. Rensa’s abilities extend to telekinesis, teleportation, and levitation, suggesting a deep connection to her family’s magical heritage. In the game, she engages in a magical challenge involving Puyos, where she demonstrates both a relaxed teaching demeanor and an urgency to utilize her time effectively for magical tasks.

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