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Scratchin’ Melodii Gacha Club

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Meet Scratchin’ melodii Gacha Club, a colorful and entertaining fan crossover between the music game and the character creation app Gacha Club. In this application, users can create their characters in Gacha Club and use them in the music game Scratchin’ melodii. So you can not only enjoy the process in which you come up with a completely unique hero, but also test his musical talents!


Standard for the world of Gacha, players can choose their character, customize their appearance and clothes, which has already become a classic for such software. The most curious thing is that it will then be possible to use it in a music game. Various modes are available in this crossover, including story and speed play, which will require you to focus on the music tracks as much as possible. You will have to try so that your hero can defeat all rivals and the boss.

For example, in story mode, players fight against various cartoon characters using their own characters that they have created in Gacha Club. In quick mode, users can select any available song and fight against other heroes.

The game also has a convenient yet functional editor mode that allows you to create your own songs and even entire levels. Users can select different sounds and melodies to create new unique compositions and share them with friends or any players around the world.

Try yourself in this exciting and unusual virtual world. Can you not only create a handsome character, but also help him win the musical battle? Now his career is in your hands, don’t let me down!

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