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Scratchin’ Melodii

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This is a new free music game where the user will act as a young DJ. He definitely needs to earn money to pay off his debts, and you must help him with this. This rhythm game from developer LJ LephemStar is currently in development and has only five levels, but more rounds, tracks, storylines are planned to be added in the future.

Game features

Scratchin’ Melodii is very different from other rhythm games you may already know, such as Just Shapes & Beats and Osu! This indie game focuses on more than just the rhythm aspect of the gameplay. It also has a unique storyline and a shared world to explore. To play it, you have to arrange a good workout for the brain!

Bright, quirky and exciting, this version offers a new and exciting way to enjoy rhythm games. With a compelling storyline and lots of characters to interact with, this software really has a lot more to offer the user than just getting into the right rhythm. The graphics are notable for being diluted with super-bright and cute cartoony visuals that will appeal to a wide audience of any age.

You have two game modes available:
1. Story Mode, in which you can go through the story with the characters.
2. Quick-Groove, where you can fully enjoy the exciting melodies.

In story mode, only the three regular levels and the fourth level boss battle are currently available. There is also a level dedicated to teaching the basics of the game so that beginners can better understand how to play the rhythm genre. In future versions, the gameplay and storyline will be expanded, as promised by the developer.

However, it is worth considering some problems that may arise. And it’s not just that the game is a little underdeveloped. Sometimes the controller may not work with this software, and you may encounter problems when the peripheral device does not pick up vibration signals. You can resolve these issues by restarting the program and adding it to your library as a non-Steam game. If there are any delays, you can always click the “retry” button. At the same time, you can fully enjoy the browser version, for free and without any restrictions!

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