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Scratchin’ Melodii Story Mode

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This is one of the versions of the sensational Scratchin’ Melodii in 2021. It is one of the modes, namely the story mode. It is intended for those who want to dive into the depths of the history of this fascinating universe.
Players go along with a couple – a boyfriend and a heroine – on a journey through many levels where they have to challenge and overcome difficulties in the form of rhythmic battles. But this time, users have the opportunity not only to sing songs, but also to immerse themselves in an exciting storyline and learn more about the characters.
Story Mode includes many unique locations that differ in style and musical directions. Players will travel through various locations, including gloomy city streets and vibrant discotheques, where they will have to fight new opponents.
The game will feature many new characters that will come to life with unique designs and a variety of animations. You get a unique opportunity to learn more about each of the characters, about their motivations, in order to understand why they enter into a musical battle.
An exciting plot makes you get used to the role of heroes and cheer for them. Each level will tell a new part of the story.

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