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Scratchin’ Melodii Demo

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The demo version allows the user to go through the first level of Astral Advisory, which is an introduction to the game world and the main mechanics of the new software. In this level, the hero of Melody meets his first rival, and begins his first battle in the world of DJs and rappers. The SAGE 2022 demo includes 5 playable songs and 13 non-playable songs.

Version features

The player controls the character using the keys on the keyboard or controller and must repeat the song played by the opponent by pressing the appropriate buttons in the correct rhythm. The user must press the notes in such a way that they are accurate, otherwise he will lose points. At the same time, the player can add their own keys to the beat to create a unique soundtrack.
The demo version allows the player to go through only the first level and get acquainted with the basic mechanics. In general, after the successful completion of the battle, you have to go through two more battles with other opponents and one battle with the boss.
So the demo includes:
● Level 1 for a beginner – training;
● 3 Rival Battles (Cream Cheese, Stir & Mix and of course Nami.WAV);
● and 1 boss battle.
Currently, the game continues to be developed and improved, and you can become its tester! The end goal is to create a complete game without any bugs that can be downloaded and played for free on PC. The developer has released a demo of the game just for you, which has been downloaded over 375,000 times since its first appearance at SAGE 2021. You can choose songs, use the story mode and create at your own pace! Keep in mind that you should hurry while the virtual world is not overpopulated yet, and you can develop along with other users. Interaction with characters is implemented and works fine. In the future, the game will be released in the full version, and you can easily adapt to it.

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