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Scratchin’ Melodii FNF

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The new Scratchin’ melodii fnf custom mod adds new characters, songs and scenarios to the music game. Here you can still play as a young DJ and musician Melody, who needs your help in the battle against various opponents. The goal of the game is to earn money and pay the debt for your crimes. Each opponent has its own unique song and style, so the user will have to show all their musical skills to defeat them in musical battles.

The mod includes several new characters, and the user gets the opportunity to replace not only Melody himself, his rivals and bosses, which are presented in new, detailed and colorful scenes, with characters from the FNF universe. In addition, new songs and melodies are added that were written specifically for this version.

All this creates a unique atmosphere that provides a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the world of music and allows you to have fun and creatively. This mod adds new content for Friday Night Funkin’ fans who want more music, dance and combat in the game, but fans of the original game will also find it interesting.


The user controls their character using the keys on the keyboard or controller. It is necessary to repeat the song performed by the opponent by pressing the corresponding buttons in the correct rhythm. To earn points, the player must hit the notes exactly, otherwise the rating will be lost. Also, the user can add their own notes to the rhythm to create a unique sound track.

After successfully completing the battle with an opponent, the virtual DJ will have to fight with several more of them, as well as with the boss. Unlike the demo version, the modification provides extended access to the game and opens up several new levels. However, it remains free and available to run from the browser.

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