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Scratchin’ Melodii 2023

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This is the latest update to the original game, which was demoed in 2021. At the moment, it continues to be developed and improved, and it is you who can act as its tester! The ultimate goal is to create a complete game, without any bugs, that can be downloaded and played for free on PC. So far, the developer has released a demo version of the game, which has already been downloaded over 375,000 times since its first appearance at SAGE 2021, as well as the 2023 update.
In this variation, all the errors that were found have already been fixed. Also, the developer, as promised, added new tracks and characters to this update. He worked on the vocal remastering for the Act 1 songs, which is now complete and available in this version, as well as an overhaul of Cream Cheese Icing, a version of which has been improved in line with the developer’s own vision of the game. In addition, optimizations have been made to reduce software download delays and file sizes.

Various visual and animation improvements have also been made. The graphics have become more modern, but remained the same bright and cartoony. In addition to this, Act 2 rival battle music is being prepared for release in future updates. Along with this, the developer has launched the official Scratchin’ Melodii website and Discord server, where he will share useful information from time to time. You can try what he did in this version and tell him your opinion, and thus take part in the development of a new game!

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